3 Pack of Life Cycle Organics 1 Gallon Worm Castings

3 Single Gallon Bags

Life Cycle Organics Worm Castings will improve your soil properties and supply your plants with essential nutrients. Increase plant growth and productivity. For best results mix 15% - 20% by volume with your favorite potting mix or top dress established plants by adding 1/4" - 1/2" layer of castings around plant base - rake into soil - water and cover with mulch. Also great to make into a liquid fertilizer by "brewing" into 30-50 gallons of de-chlorinated water to make "worm tea" All natural organic goodness for your plants the way nature intended. Made in N.C. USA 1 Gallon by volume, OMRI Listed for Organic use. Our Castings are "ALIVE!" don't be alarmed if you find tiny composting bugs and organisms moving about inside your bag. They will not harm your plants. You may even find baby worms that have slipped past our screen. These are indicators of a thriving and healthy soil system. These critters will continue to break down the worm castings even further and enrich your soil.


Packed with nutrients and beneficial microbial life - increases plant growth - strengthens root development

Mix into 6-7 gallons of soil or potting mix, top dress established plants - simply sprinkle around plant base, rake into soil & water

OMRI listed for organic use on all vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs, trees, & gardens

Safe to use anywhere, kid and pet friendly, will not burn plants if over applied.

All natural, no chemical fertlizers or synthetic substances